Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rare Mary Pickford postcard!

Here is a vintage original 3.5 x 5.25 in. U.S. postcard from the early feature-length silent film drama IN THE BISHOP'S CARRIAGE, released in 1913 by Famous Players Film Corp., starring Mary Pickford

The beautiful color-tinted image features a dramatic scene from the film as Nancy Olden (Pickford) hides behind a door as a policeman tries to protect her from the two men that are gesturing wildly. The caption in the bottom white border reads, NANCY OLDEN'S FATE IN THE BALANCE. On the verso are three short paragraphs describing the production with the Famous Players Film Co. logo beneath them. Also features a rubber stamp in purple ink (AT THE PORTOLA MONDAY), which indicates that this postcard was given out to film patrons as they left the theatre as a "coming attraction" advertisement (similar to a "herald"). This vintage original postcard is uncirculated and in very fine+ condition.

In the Bishop's Carriage was co-directed by two pioneers of film history, J. Searle Dawley and Edwin S. Porter (who directed The Great Train Robbery in 1903), both veterans of the Thomas Edison Studios.

IN THE BISHOP'S CARRIAGE; Famous Players Film Co.; 1913: dir: J. Searle Dawley, Edwin S. Porter; cast: Mary Pickford, David Wall, House Peters, Grace Henderson, George Moss, Howard Missimer, Camille Dalberg, John Steppling.

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