Saturday, June 15, 2019

LUCREZIA BORGIA (1922) German Silent Film Lobby Card Liane Haid In Church Scene

This is a vintage original 9 x 12 in. "country of origin" German gelatin silver double-weight glossy photograph / lobby card from the epic silent film drama LUCREZIA BORGIA, released in Germany in 1922 and directed by Richard Oswald, starring Conrad Veidt as Cesare Borgia. 

The image features a beautifully lit and composed scene inside of a church as a man holds an unconscious Lucrezia Borgia (Liane Haid) while a nun watches disapprovingly. The image is complimented by a halo effect around the flames on the two candles at the altar. In remarkable condition for its age, this very desirable "country of origin" German lobby card is in fine+ condition and shows only staple holes in the top background, pinholes in the borders and image area, a small smudge in the right border, and small corner bends. On the verso is a title stamp. Rare.

Set in 16th century Italy, the film details the life of the Borgia family, with Rodrigo Borgia (Albert Bassermann) as its patriarch and newly-elected Pope Alexander VI. His son, Cesare, is played by Conrad Veidt, is a feared murderer. Lovely Liane Haid is his sister, Lucrezia, around which the drama of the film is centered. 

LUCREZIA BORGIA; Universum Film (UFA) (Germany); 1922; dir: Richard Oswald; cast: Liane Haid, Conrad Veidt, Albert Bassermann, Paul Wegener, Heinrich George, Adolf E. Licho, William Dieterle, Lothar Müthel, Alphons Fryland, Kathe Oswald, Alexander Granach, Anita Berber, Lyda Salmonova, Mary Douce, Max Pohl.

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